Term dates


Travelling Day  Tuesday 5th September*
Beginning of term Wednesday 6th September
Exeat Weekend Friday 29th September 3.25pm to Sunday 1st October 8.00pm
Half Term Friday 20th October 3.25pm to Sunday 5th November 8.00pm
Exeat Weekend Friday 24th November 3.25pm to Sunday 26th November 8.00pm
End of term Saturday 9th December

*New SFC1 girls and Prefects are expected to arrive on Sunday 3rd September. Returning SFC1 girls should arrive on Monday 4th September. The SFC1 IB induction will take place in one of the boarding houses and girls attending this can arrive from 3.00pm on Friday 1st September.


Travelling Day  Sunday 7th January
Beginning of term  Monday 8th January
Exeat Weekend Friday 26th January 3.25pm to Sunday 28th January 8.00pm
Half Term Friday 9th February 3.25pm to Sunday 18th February 8.00pm 
Exeat Weekend Friday 9th March 3.25pm to Sunday 11th March 8.00pm
End of term Saturday 24th March


Travelling Day  Sunday 15th April
Beginning of term Monday 16th April
Exeat Weekend Friday 11th May 3.25pm to Sunday 13th May 8.00pm 
Half Term Friday 25th May 3.25pm to Sunday 3rd June 8.00pm
Exeat Weekend Friday 15th June 3.25pm to Sunday 17th June 8.00pm
End of term Saturday 7th July 


Term Dates 2018-19


Travelling Day Tuesday 4th September**
Beginning of term Wednesday 5th September
Exeat Weekend Friday 28th September 3.25pm to Sunday 30th September 8.00pm 
Half Term Friday 19th October 3.25pm to Sunday 4th November 8.00pm
Exeat Weekend Friday 23rd November 3.25pm to Sunday 25th November 8.00pm
End of term Saturday 15th December

**Return dates will be earlier for SFC1 girls in order for them to attend induction – further details to follow in due course.


Travelling Day  Tuesday 8th January
Beginning of term  Wednesday 9th January
Exeat Weekend Friday 25th January 3.25pm to Sunday 27th January 8.00pm
Half Term Friday 15th February 3.25pm to Sunday 24th February 8.00pm
Exeat Weekend Friday 15th March 3.25pm to Sunday 17th March 8.00pm
End of term Saturday 30th March


Travelling Day  Tuesday 23rd April
Beginning of term Wednesday 24th April
Exeat Weekend Friday 10th May 3.25pm to Sunday 12th May 8.00pm  
Half Term Friday 24th May 3.25pm to Sunday 2nd June 8.00pm
Exeat Weekend Friday 14th June 3.25pm to Sunday 16th June 8.00pm
End of term Saturday 6th July



All girls are expected to be present from the beginning to the end of term. Leave of absence is granted only in exceptional circumstances and must be sought in advance from the Head of Pastoral Care.

Parents: For a printable version of this document, including details of Parents’ Meetings, please visit the Parent Portal.